Spelling for success

Spelling is much more than knowing the relationship between letters and sounds. Becoming good at spelling requires repetition in meaningful contexts, where students spell familiar and unfamiliar words within contexts they can identify and relate to the real world. 

Communicating more effectively

An increasing focus on spelling is now reflected in national curriculum documents* and literacy reports** around the world. These emphasise the need for explicit, systematic instruction in spelling and a focus on word etymology – knowing the origin of the morphemes that make up words. 

Learning the rules of spelling helps students develop a deeper understanding of the English language. This leads to becoming efficient spellers and fluent readers and writers.

Teaching how spelling works

Spelling effectively requires knowledge and understanding of language in its entirety, what it sounds like, what parts make the whole word and what the word means in context.

LiteracyPlanet helps teachers scaffold the relevant content to teach spelling skills.

LiteracyPlanet’s Spelling program

Providing explicit, systematic instruction in the three main levels of vocabulary analysis:

  • Phonological how letters in words look and sound
  • Morphological how parts within words signify meaning
  • Lexicological the whole word and its meaning in context

Make your own spelling lists

Teachers can access a specialised word list tool in LiteracyPlanet that allows you to create as many spelling lists as you need, supporting in-class studies on any subject. The Custom Word List integrates seamlessly with LiteracyPlanet activities so that in just minutes your customised lists are used to teach literacy skills.

Play spelling activities

Play a selection of fun spelling activities found in LiteracyPlanet. Each activity helps students build their spelling skills. Upgrade to unlock access to hundreds more!

Strand: Spelling

Learning Level: Year 1

Type: Test (Cannon Chaos)

Curriculum outline: Triple Consonant Blends -nch

Strand: Spelling

Learning Level: Year 5

Type: Practice (Sentence Jumble

Curriculum outline: Vowel Graphemes oo, ow, oi

Strand: Spelling

Learning Level: Year 6

Type: Practice (Code Phrase)

Curriculum outline: Root Words vita

Strand: Spelling

Learning Level: Year 10

Type: Practice (Rocky Ruins)

Curriculum outline: Difficult words (m - o)

Key literacy strands

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