We think LiteracyPlanet is pretty awesome, but don’t take our word for it! Read what teachers, parents and students think about the program…


“It makes me happy”

I have fun with LiteracyPlanet. I get rewards and that makes me happy.

Jinda Child Care, South Africa - Charity Partner of LiteracyPlanet


“Significant improvements in fluency and grammar”

The students love using the programme, and it has helped them to make significant improvements in fluency and grammar, reading skills such as deduction and inference, and spelling.

Samantha Moore
Class Teacher and English Coordinator
British School of Bahrain

“Wonderful resources and invaluable support”

Thank you for the wonderful resources and invaluable support that you have offered over the years. Every class and each student has benefited from their experience with LiteracyPlanet. Keep up your impressive educational support that makes a difference.

Xavier Das
Cannington Community College, WA, Australia


“Different types of learning”

I like it because there are different types of learning. I like how there are little trophies and if you don’t get one right you can try again to get a Gold one.

Georgia, Grade 3


“All different games”

I like LiteracyPlanet because you get to play all different games not just the same types. You also get points and if you’re lucky enough you can also get onto the leaderboard.

Evelyn, Grade 3

“LiteracyPlanet is awesome”

LiteracyPlanet is awesome! It feels like just playing on a computer game but I'm learning. Phonics is my best part. I can see straight away that I am doing better.

Michael, Grade 6


“Fun place to learn”

I like LiteracyPlanet because it is a fun place to learn. I really enjoy the different games, they help me improve my spelling skills.

Marina, Grade 4


“Jack rushed home to do his homework”

I am so thrilled about this program. Jack rushed home to do his homework. I can't believe how much he has been using it. He has never been keen to do any learning work when he gets home. It is such a clever program!

J. Tierney


“Both my children ask to log on”

The program is fun and engaging - both my children asks to log on to LiteracyPlanet every day. My 9-year-old's spelling has improved tremendously, and it has increased my dyslexic 7-year-old's confidence and reading ability far beyond that produced by any of the other early interventions in which she's participated.

S. White


“My child is so enthusiastic”

My child is so enthusiastic about this program. We have spent money on a lot of other programs but he will use them for a little while and then loses interest. Now he begs us to stay up an extra hour at night so he can do more reading and word finds on LiteracyPlanet. We are very happy with the program.

M. Jeffery


“Wanting to achieve more”

My son loves LiteracyPlanet – so much that when he gets home from school he no longer asks 'Mum, can I watch TV?' now he asks 'Mum, can I play LiteracyPlanet?'. The program has totally engaged him. The rewards built into the program keep him motivated and wanting to achieve more. Since he started using LiteracyPlanet we have noticed his vocabulary has increased and his spelling has improved.

K. Shierlaw


“Best interactive literacy solution”

We were searching for the best interactive literacy solution to cater to the need of all individuals from Foundation to Year 8. LiteracyPlanet was the answer to our wishes. We love how it is customised to teach the students exactly what they need.

S. Imran
Curriculum Coordinator
Al Iman College

“Excites and motivates children”

I have never in my whole teaching career come across a program that so excites and motivates children to want to learn. That then makes my job so much easier. It is rewarding to me when I see the children with learning difficulties, want to work on LiteracyPlanet.

S. Hall
Support Teacher Inclusive Education
St Joseph's Tobruk Memorial School, QLD, Australia


“Increased engagement levels”

LiteracyPlanet has increased engagement levels in my grade 5/6 class so much. The kids keep begging me to set them more tasks and they come in each morning chatting to each other about how they saw each other online when they were using the program.

E. Turnbull
Niddrie Primary School


“Supports students in their learning journey”

LiteracyPlanet supports students in their learning journey by enabling them to work at their own level and at a pace appropriate to them. The gamified aspects of the program and high-quality visuals engage and motivate students to do their best.

A. Balik
Junior College Curriculum Leader
Saint Stephen's College