We passed the test

Student success comes in many forms and our customers are the ultimate judge of the platform’s effectiveness.

Here’s what some of our teachers, students and parents have to say.

“My daughter has learnt things she couldn’t understand before”

I received LiteracyPlanet free with my homeschool EUKA package and two days in, my daughter has learnt things she couldn’t understand before. Love it! LP made a difficult transition to homeschooling a positive one.


“Makes differentiation much easier”

I’ve loved using Literacy Planet for a few years. I’ve found it particularly useful for aligning literacy tasks with recommendations from speech pathology reports; this makes differentiation much easier to assign, monitor and review. Big tick from me.

Secondary English Teacher

“The power of gamification”

"It is amazing the power gamification has on learning. One child, who really does struggle to make sense of words at this stage, turned to her neighbour and said, "I am doing really well!" and her buddy replied, "Yes, we are great learners." This was just magical."

Paul Hemphill
Year 1 Teacher
Gold Coast Australia

“Immediate feedback is priceless”

The immediate feedback LiteracyPlanet gives us as teachers is priceless. We are able to use this data to quickly see across the class what strategies we need to implement to ensure every student has the best possible experience.

Matthew Cooper
Head of Academics KG-Grade 6
Al Rowad International School

“One of the best”

LiteracyPlanet is one of the best international education platforms for students to improve their learning outcomes in a fun and engaging way. We had to roll it out in our school.

Mr. Ahmed Sherbini
Executive President
Aqeeq Holding Company

“No more complaints about homework”

What a great resource to assign homework that students love. There are no complaints when I set LiteracyPlanet homework.

Teah Comninos
Primary Educator
Vinschool Golden River

“Students have found their love of learning”

It’s nothing short of amazing to watch the transformation of these students who have found the love of learning with LiteracyPlanet. It drives them to learn more and progress further.

Asmaa Mostafa
English Teacher and English Team Leader
Beaconhouse Al Khaleej International School

“Consolidates phonics work”

LiteracyPlanet is great for improving comprehension skills and it has been an amazing support for consolidating phonics work in the earlier year levels.

Rachel Hawkins
Classroom Teacher
Ajman Academy

“It’s easy to set the correct level”

When planning and instructing guided reading with my class, LiteracyPlanet makes it easy to set the correct reading level for each student to meet their unique needs.

Niall Dennehy
Primary Teacher
Newton International School

“Saves teachers so much time”

LiteracyPlanet saves us so much time in lesson preparation and marking. It’s a game-changer for teachers, and as a result, our students benefit.

Katie Elmalem
KS2 Coordinator
Newton International School

“Students take more ownership”

The tools for spelling words is fantastic in LiteracyPlanet, plus our students find it very accessible. Because of this, LiteracyPlanet allows students to take more ownership of their learning.

Sadie Diamond
Year 5 Teacher
Regent International School

“Pitched perfectly to engage students”

Unlike other learning apps that end up being too young or old for the student, LiteracyPlanet is pitched perfectly to engage students, no matter what learning level they’re at. They want to use this app all day!

Jodie Boyle
Year 2 Teacher
Regent International School

“It makes me happy”

I have fun with LiteracyPlanet. I get rewards and that makes me happy.

Jinda Child Care, South Africa - Charity Partner of LiteracyPlanet

“Significant improvements in fluency and grammar”

The students love using the programme, and it has helped them to make significant improvements in fluency and grammar, reading skills such as deduction and inference, and spelling.

Samantha Moore
Class Teacher and English Coordinator
British School of Bahrain

“Wonderful resources and invaluable support”

Thank you for the wonderful resources and invaluable support that you have offered over the years. Every class and each student has benefited from their experience with LiteracyPlanet. Keep up your impressive educational support that makes a difference.

Xavier Das
Cannington Community College, WA, Australia

“Different types of learning”

I like it because there are different types of learning. I like how there are little trophies and if you don’t get one right you can try again to get a Gold one.

Georgia, Grade 3

“All different games”

I like LiteracyPlanet because you get to play all different games not just the same types. You also get points and if you’re lucky enough you can also get onto the leaderboard.

Evelyn, Grade 3

“LiteracyPlanet is awesome”

LiteracyPlanet is awesome! It feels like just playing on a computer game but I'm learning. Phonics is my best part. I can see straight away that I am doing better.

Michael, Grade 6

“Fun place to learn”

I like LiteracyPlanet because it is a fun place to learn. I really enjoy the different games, they help me improve my spelling skills.

Marina, Grade 4

“Jack rushed home to do his homework”

I am so thrilled about this program. Jack rushed home to do his homework. I can't believe how much he has been using it. He has never been keen to do any learning work when he gets home. It is such a clever program!

J. Tierney