We share your vision.

Founded on the principles of providing quality educational tools to teach literacy, LiteracyPlanet was launched in 2009 on Australia’s stunning Gold Coast. Over 2 million students have now benefitted from the program in thousands of schools, across 80 countries.

We are proud of our evolution into a modern and trusted platform but recognise what remains the same as all those years ago: teachers will always be the key drivers of learning in the classroom. 

We will never look to replace that imperative human side or a teacher’s intuitive understanding of what students need. Rather, we continue to strive to be a teacher’s complementary partner in delivering a blended learning experience to all students.

Our Culture

There is so much to love about being a part of the LiteracyPlanet tribe, for all of the reasons above and for all of the values we hold. The core of who we are is expressed by our ethos, reflected in our attitudes and aspirations:

Innocent Fun; Playful
Maintaining a childlike view of the world allows us to create imaginative and youthful experiences for all ages to enjoy.

Emotional Connection
Striving to offer everything while seeking little in return keeps our focus on building long, happy, enduring relationships.

Delivering moments of surprise that delight and excite are opportunities to keep the party going and the creative juices flowing.

Taking a chance on new ideas today is how we anticipate the needs of tomorrow. It’s how we continue to excel and light the path ahead.

One Community
The business is us, the people who work together and care for each other as family, and our customers, the people we serve and bond with through our product.

Inspiring a lifetime of learning



Schools trust LiteracyPlanet.



Students are learning with us.



Countries have welcomed us.