Data is power.
Ours also saves time.

With so many competing demands on your time, how does accessing real-time reporting on your students’ performance in a couple of clicks sound? 

Use your time where it has the greatest impact, whether in one-on-one instruction, group intervention, or lesson planning. We make sure that you have the data you need to make informed decisions, quickly and easily.

Amplify your teaching

We take care of the minutiae, delivering a range of reports that give you insight into an individual’s engagement, proficiency and activity across each strand in LiteracyPlanet. Your students receive the full benefit of your focus and passion as you implement actionable data.

It starts with Literacy Check.

Do a free purpose-built Literacy Check to help understand your students’ proficiency across the literacy strands. Easily set it up in just a few clicks and complete the full check in a 30-minute lesson. 

Data with purpose

Data doesn’t have to be boring. LiteracyPlanet presents data as something you can use at a glance, to inform your teaching. With detailed and easy-to-read performance data, your personal reports dashboard keeps you fully informed and armed with the information you need to target the needs of your students.

We’re big on differentiated instruction. Use the Reporting Dashboard to identify who needs intervention or extension, and where to target your teaching in the classroom.