It’s what we’re about.

Even online companies have real people behind them!

Team LiteracyPlanet is a bunch of dedicated, ambitious, creative and spread-across-the-world people who do our best every day to make a positive and lasting impact on children’s literacy learning.

Literacy is a right

Our mission is to inspire a lifetime of learning and improve English literacy education accessibility worldwide. It’s simple, and daunting all at once.

By giving students a safe and engaging place to build their literacy skills, LiteracyPlanet is helping to create confident communicators. With the ability to understand, assess and act on information, we become more productive members of society. Every child studying the English language deserves this opportunity.

Student success is our purpose

We create a world of wonder and caring for educators and learners of literacy – a world that fires the imagination, fosters curiosity, inspires creative expression, and drives student success.

Every Planeteer works toward this purpose, delivering a positive impact on students and teachers through joyful, engaging and meaningful experiences. It’s our privilege to be part of someone’s learning journey.

But the work is never fully done. We continue to build on our proven platform and look forward to welcoming millions more into the LP community. Dreaming big is in our DNA because we will always be inspired by your stories.