Improve Your Students' Reading Comprehension Skills

When we read a text, our level of understanding is determined by our ability to not only say the word but also to comprehend the meaning of the word in context. The ability to decode and pronounce words is what enables us to read, whereas knowing what the words mean in context is essential for understanding what we have read.

Therefore, reading comprehension is the understanding of the words that are written (vocabulary knowledge) along with how they make meaning within the text (text comprehension). Both of these skills together are what enables students to comprehend what they are reading and are the focus of our Reading Comprehension program.

Improving reading comprehension ability with LiteracyPlanet

Within LiteracyPlanet’s Comprehension Program, students are matched to texts pitched at their instructional level for reading and comprehension. These texts improve comprehension by building their vocabulary combined with regular text analysis activities, as well as encouraging the regular practice of deep reading exercises.

The ultimate goal of our program is for the student to apply what they learn to reading and writing in real-life situations.

Key features of our Comprehension program include:

  • Hundreds of exercises to develop comprehension skills.
  • Fiction and non-fiction extracts covering a range of genres.
  • Key skill development: Literal, Inferential, and Evaluative.
  • 20 comprehension strategies.
  • Content that is suitable for all ages, across primary and secondary.

View Comprehension Activities

Play a selection of comprehension activities your students will have access to with LiteracyPlanet. A subscription unlocks access to hundreds more!

Strand: Comprehension

Learning Level: Year 2

Type: Test (Sara Snail's Sleepover)

Curriculum outline: Sara Snail's Sleepover

Strand: Comprehension

Learning Level: Year 4

Type: Test (Robots Are Us)

Curriculum outline: Robots Are Us

Strand: Comprehension

Learning Level: Year 7

Type: Test (Journey To The Centre Of The Earth)

Curriculum outline: Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

Strand: Comprehension

Learning Level: Year 10

Type: Test (Why You Should Be A Poet)

Curriculum outline: Why You Should Be A Poet

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