Building phonics skills

Phonics is at the heart of how children learn to read and write. Once they know the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they represent, children are ready to use those building blocks to read words and simple sentences.

LiteracyPlanet helps children build their phonemic awareness from recognising letter-sound correspondences to understanding how words make meaning in context.

Content structure

LiteracyPlanet’s Phonics program builds phonics skills systematically and sequentially, through exploring how words are made up of sounds to word-building activities that allow students to explore and play with letter sounds.


Instructional videos that introduce one concept at a time.


Practice activities to help identify phoneme/grapheme correspondences.


Assessment of each phoneme and their associated graphemes.

How LiteracyPlanet develops phonics skills

  • Oral Language – the ability to understand and use language through listening and speaking
  • Phonological Awareness – the ability to realise the difference between similar-sounding speech sounds and words
  • Print Awareness – understand that printed symbols (including letters and words) carry meaning
  • Alphabet Knowledge – ability to identify and say the names of letters in the alphabet
  • Book Knowledge – understand what a book is and how it is to be used and read

Play Phonics Activities

Play a selection of fun phonics activities found in LiteracyPlanet. Each activity helps children develop their phonemic awareness while having fun making letter-sound associations. Upgrade to unlock access to hundreds more!

Strand: Phonics

Learning Level: Foundation

Type: Practice (Stubmunk Slam)

Curriculum outline: Single Sound 's'

Strand: Phonics

Learning Level: Year 1

Type: Practice (Monster Chef)

Curriculum outline: The 'au' sound (Phonics mission)

Strand: Phonics

Learning Level: Year 1

Type: Learn (The 'oo' (moon) sound)

Curriculum outline: The 'oo' (moon) sound (Phonics mission)

Key literacy strands

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