Building sight word skills

Sight Words are those words that cannot be sounded out (decoded) phonetically – over 60% of the English language, in fact. However, sight words can be easily learned once a student has developed automaticity – the immediate recognition of whole words.

For lower primary school students, mastering these words through instant recognition helps improve reading fluency and reading comprehension. The same can be said for high-frequency words, which are those words that occur most frequently when reading and writing.

To become a fluent reader, it is important to have the ability to quickly recognise both sight and high-frequency words automatically, of which LiteracyPlanet covers the 300 most common sight words and hundreds of more high-frequency words.

Fun activities

Sight Word activities within LiteracyPlanet are designed to keep primary school students fully engaged and having fun while they learn.


This fun activity introduces each word in context.


This fun activity develops word automaticity.


This fun activity assesses both auditory and visual recognition.

Play sight word activities

Play a selection of sight words activities your students will have access to with LiteracyPlanet. A subscription unlocks access to hundreds more!

Strand: Sight Words

Learning Level: Foundation

Type: Learn (Stubmunk School)

Curriculum outline: Set 1 - Ant

Strand: Sight Words

Learning Level: Year 1

Type: Practice (Feed Word Monster)

Curriculum outline: Set 22 - Jaguar

Strand: Sight Words

Learning Level: Year 2

Type: Test (Sight Words Test)

Curriculum outline: Set 48 - Toucan

And something special for you!

Although students will learn to recognise the most common sight and high-frequency words, we have put the power in your hands to create your own wordlists and assign these to your students using the activities they are already familiar with. How good is that!

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