Evidence-based design. Purposeful and effective.

The LiteracyPlanet Logic Model guides everything we do for our leaders, educators and learners.

LiteracyPlanet’s Logic Model is grounded in its seven evidence-based learning principles that are foundational to the learning sciences. These inform the design and development decisions essential to delivering genuine learning outcomes for our customers.

How our program design works

For Leaders

LiteracyPlanet enables school leaders to drive whole-school literacy success by streamlining their literacy management. Increasing literacy engagement improves literacy outcomes for all students.

For Educators

LiteracyPlanet helps educators unlock literacy excellence for all students by being the ultimate literacy partner. By improving literacy skills for all students, the platform enhances your teaching impact.

For Learners

Students play LiteracyPlanet to learn literacy skills and are delighted by a rewarding learning adventure. By enhancing their self-efficacy and progress, LiteracyPlanet ultimately boosts students’ motivation to learn.


*LiteracyPlanet. (2023). Survey of teachers’ experiences with LiteracyPlanet.

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