One platform. Thousands of ways to learn.

Welcome to LiteracyPlanet’s world of wonder and engaging storytelling, where educators and students discover the joy of mastering English literacy skills.

5 ways LiteracyPlanet helps you

  1. Save Time – Quickly and easily assign and assess concepts to develop literacy skills—from emergent to proficient reader.
  2. Individualise Instruction – Target the learning needs of each student by building upon what they know.
  3. Monitor Progress – Access real-time data on student performance to inform instruction quickly and easily.
  4. Delight Students – Provide meaningful content and gamified learning experiences that are captivating and compelling.
  5. Promote Growth – Provide rich literacy experiences that cultivate literacy growth and development.

A solid literacy companion

We know how dedicated you are to helping your students do their very best. Rely on LiteracyPlanet to:

  • Scaffold the learning needs of every child from Prep to Year 10 from foundational skills (e.g. phonology, sound-symbol association, morphology) to higher-level literacy skills (e.g. syntax and semantics). 
  • Deliver curriculum-aligned content that is carefully sequenced to develop student skills in an explicit, systematic, and sequential manner.
  • Personalise instruction.