Personalised learning with LiteracyPlanet is easy

LiteracyPlanet will help you tackle differentiated learning with confidence and ease. The program is designed to empower educators and students in classrooms and homes around the world.

It does this by delivering meaningful and engaging activities to K/F – Year 10 students. Student performance is then all tracked and assessed in real-time, freeing up more time for teachers.

  • Personalised and differentiated learning
  • Curriculum-aligned

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Student journey: Mission Revision

Students complete ‘Missions’ in LiteracyPlanet which contain a Learn, Practise and Test segment. They will automatically be reassigned the ‘Mission’ if they’ve scored anything less than 85%.

🟢 Proficient: 85% or more
🟠 Near Proficient: 65%-84% (Reassigned < 1 week)
🔴 Working Towards: 0%-64% (Reassigned the next day)

Teacher Assignment tools

Teachers can decide to lead their students’ learning experience by assigning specific curriculum-aligned activities to students by class, learning groups or at an individual level.

It provides teachers with the option to craft learning journeys that cater to their lessons.

Real-time student data

Access the reports you need to make informed decisions to improve your students’ literacy development.

  • Activity Reports
  • Strand Reports
  • Improvement Reports

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