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Engaging and differentiated literacy learning at your fingertips

LiteracyPlanet makes learning literacy fun and easy – for both teachers and students. The program provides teachers with a plethora of engaging and differentiated activities that are automatically tracked, making it simple to understand the level of each student and where they need extra support.

Access 100s of fun and engaging activities covering Phonics, Sight Words, Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation, Comprehension.

  • Curriculum – aligned
  • All key literacy strands
  • Catering to K/F – Year 10 students

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Reporting made easy

Monitor and track your students’ progress as they learn in real-time.

Access a variety of reports through the Teacher Dashboard:

  • Activity Reports
  • Strand Reports
  • Improvement Reports

You’ll also be able to assign and schedule activities to meet the individual learning needs of your students.

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Effortless student engagement

LiteracyPlanet has a built-in student recognition and rewards system that fosters an enthusiastic attitude towards learning. This has shown to motivate students and keep them engaged (the more they learn the more they earn).

Icon for 1. Automatic feedback

1. Automatic feedback

Students will get automatic feedback from the mission (Learn, Practise and Test exercises) they complete.

Icon for 2. Recognition

2. Recognition

Recognition of their achievement is immediately provided along with a reward of spendable Gems.

Icon for 3. Reward

3. Reward

Gems earned can then be used to purchase items and decorate their Avatar or spend in the Arcade!

Gamified learning

The magic happens when gamification complements and inspires the learning process.

LiteracyPlanet is a world of fun, discovery, and learning. An experience that draws students into the curriculum material and keeps them coming back for more.

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