Intrepica Academy: the PD platform for teachers

Join a community of like-minded people and deepen your teaching connections and knowledge. Enrolment is free and open to all teachers.

Intrepica Academy has been designed by LiteracyPlanet’s specialist instructors to support educators in your learning pathways and professional development. 

Going beyond the traditional online training platform, Intrepica Academy:

  • Delivers expert-led courses on mastering the power of teaching literacy
  • Develops skills through peer-to-peer engagement
  • Offers a built-in community forum
  • Elevates learning by exploring what works in literacy teaching
  • Brings together literacy scholars across the globe

Upskill and connect
in one place

The two main objectives of the Intrepica Academy:

  1. Provide resources for educators to upskill themselves.
  2. Foster connections between peers where literacy is the foundation.

The Academy’s Mission
The safe place where educators connect with like-minded peers and continue their professional development in literacy education through mutual guidance, respect, encouragement, elevation and inspiration.

The Academy’s Vision
To be the industry leader in literacy education thought and experience. Where curious learning and embracing the diversity of our community unites.

Guiding principles

We’ve created a space for educators to feel inspired to grow, support and connect.

Positive Participation 
Guided by one another, together we explore shared ideas and experiences through contribution, curiosity and collective celebration.

Innovative Leadership
Fellow educators who support and encourage each other to grow as literacy leaders, with imagination and a passion for the sharing of knowledge.

Ambitious Mastery
Inspire educators to realise the potential of their teaching powers, building an even more adaptable and connected profession.