Is your school ready for NAPLAN?

Did you know schools using LiteracyPlanet for NAPLAN online training achieve scores 5-14% higher than the national average?

A proven advantage

Here at LiteracyPlanet we know how stressful NAPLAN preparation can be for students and teachers alike. This is why we’ve tailored our program to help give your school an edge.

LiteracyPlanet helps develop all key literacy skills assessed in NAPLAN tests including reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

And it’s been proven to give your students an advantage. Schools using LiteracyPlanet consistently achieve scores above the average in NAPLAN testing, across all year levels:

  • Year 3:  8% to 14% higher
  • Year 5:  7% to 10% higher
  • Year 7:  5% to 7% higher
  • Year 9:  5% to 6% higher

NAPLAN training

Part of what helps LiteracyPlanet students prepare for NAPLAN is the interface, which is similar to that used in the NAPLAN online assessment. LiteracyPlanet gives your students a chance to familiarise themselves with the process of answering difficult questions in a digital environment, so when it's time to take the test they'll be ready.

NAPLAN Exercise Packs

LiteracyPlanet also provides premium users with NAPLAN Exercise Packs. These packs contain specific programs of LiteracyPlanet exercises that are tailored to the literacy areas covered in NAPLAN testing, ensuring your students are prepared for all the areas that are covered in the test.

When one of these exercise packs is assigned by a teacher, students are placed on a NAPLAN-oriented learning path which helps them revise the key literacy components that will be covered in the test. Exercises can be modified at any time by the teacher, providing the perfect way to give students an advantage.

All areas covered

LiteracyPlanet is the only online education resource that provides comprehensive training for the key literacy skills assessed in NAPLAN testing: reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation.
LiteracyPlanet’s NAPLAN Exercise Packs ensure students across all year levels will be prepared for these areas of the exam.

What teachers say

"The program gives students the opportunity to engage in literacy based tasks in an engaging and entertaining manner. They are learning and don’t even realise they are."

Elizabeth Hanrahan,
Teacher, Saint Stephen’s College

"LiteracyPlanet is great for differentiation as students can be split into groups related to their point of need. I can monitor each student and change their direction if required."

Lachlan Ferguson
Teacher, Aberfeldie Primary School

Want to learn more about how effective LiteracyPlanet can be? A recent study from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) recently found students using LiteracyPlanet achieve an average 12% improvement in grades with just half an hour of the programme a week.

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