Ormiston Academies Trust has announced a 12-month pilot of LiteracyPlanet in a number of academies across its family network.

Ormiston Academies Trust is a not-for-profit academy trust that sponsors primary and secondary academies. Considered one of the UK’s foremost Multi-Academy Trusts, its family network is made up of 31 academies in Grimsby, Runcorn, Norfolk, Birmingham and the Isle of Wight, that work to help young people develop academic, social and practical skills that will enable them to fulfil their potential.

During the LiteracyPlanet pilot English teachers and those charged with co-ordinating literacy intervention programmes at Ormiston Academy Trust will use LiteracyPlanet to produce classroom learning tailored to each pupil and enable a flexible education approach to help them learn in the way that best suits them.

Professor Toby Salt, CEO, Ormiston Academies Trust said: “Throughout OAT’s network of 31 academies, we are always keen to try new initiatives to support students’ learning.  We will be piloting the LiteracyPlanet programme across a group of academies with the aim of improving literacy outcomes.

“Through collaborations and partnerships such as this, and by embracing new ways of teaching and learning, OAT remains the Trust that makes the biggest difference to the lives of children and young people across the country.”

The LiteracyPlanet programme is particularly appropriate for use on an academy-wide basis. With thousands of engaging exercises to cover all key literacy skills up to Year 9, it is suitable for all abilities, easy to tailor for different learners, and offers the facility to monitor and track literacy progress across individual schools as well as provide live data on student progress, so that teachers can identify areas of concern and intervene quickly. Such functionality also helps with the development of trust-wide literacy planning.

It is also available on all appropriate platforms, including Windows PC, Apple iPad, MacOS, and Android tablets and mobiles, providing all pupils and teachers with 24/7 access.

David Weston, LiteracyPlanet’s UK Commercial Director said LiteracyPlanet was looking forward to working closely with OAT to support all the schools involved throughout the pilot: “LiteracyPlanet is thrilled to have been chosen for this pilot by the Ormiston Academy Trust. We look forward to working with the Trust and the schools involved to provide the highest quality online literacy teaching resource for both pupils and teachers”.