The Literacy Squad Podcast

The Literacy Squad

A Podcast About Literacy, For Teachers

Hello, teachers around the world!

The Literacy Squad is a podcast brought to you by the team at LiteracyPlanet.

This podcast answers common questions about teaching English literacy to students aged 5-16. Presented by our in-house experienced educators and drawing on other academic work, we tackle and provide tips on issues including small-group instruction, differentiated learning and fair assessment. As always, it follows our ethos of inspiring lifelong learners through fun and wonderment.

A new episode is released fortnightly and available wherever you get your podcasts.

Latest Episodes

Episode 05 | Alison Sanza Part 1: Strategies for teaching literacy – Reading and Writing.

Episode 04 | Remaining encouraging while assessing student growth.

Episode 03 | Helping a class of students who read at varying levels.

Episode 02 | How to set up literacy rotations.

Episode 01 | Developing pre-readers’ comprehension skills.