Target their individual needs.

LiteracyPlanet’s Search & Assign tool helps you target the individual learning needs of every student. In a few clicks, quickly and easily build upon what they know and can do, no matter their ability.

LiteracyPlanet supports you to:

  • Use data to inform instructional decisions and groupings
  • Provide explicit instruction on key literacy skills
  • Differentiate for individual academic needs
  • Intervene and support students who are at risk

Personalised learning experiences

Personalised learning is a reality with LiteracyPlanet. Identify where students need help, intervention, or extension. Actionable data pinpoints what content will help each student progress in their literacy development, freeing up more time to work with them one-on-one or in small groups.

Whether your students are just beginning to learn sounds, write simple sentences, or are analysing higher-order concepts, LiteracyPlanet offers content that builds upon what they know, helping you meet them where they are in their learning journey.

Purposeful use of flexible grouping

Create groups for students with similar abilities in LiteracyPlanet. Set as many groups as you need and schedule content to develop their knowledge and skills over any time frame.

Team teaching is easy too. Share whole classes or groups with your team, with the tools and insider data to make decisions together.