Gamified learning. Let’s play!

Here’s the secret. Learning is even more fun with LiteracyPlanet. 

Children love to be challenged. The thrill of learning something new is often all the motivation they need. That a-ha! moment is what we’re on a mission to see in every student.

Fuelling a natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge with stimulating educational content, and wrapping this in a gamified user experience is a powerful resource that cuts through other learning distractions.

Meaningful learning experiences

Motivated learning is achieved when gamification complements and inspires the learning process. This is what we do best. In a world of fun, discovery, and learning, LiteracyPlanet draws students into the curriculum material and keeps them coming back for more.

Where the magic happens

Within a safe learning environment, a sense of social connectedness is created where children actively want to share their LiteracyPlanet experiences with those closest to them – their teachers, friends and family. Now that really is magic!

Gamification in LiteracyPlanet

Incorporating elements of gaming into an educational experience serves to create a fun environment in which students are proven to achieve more. LiteracyPlanet brings all of this to your classroom.


A self-service navigation tool that guides students while encouraging them to take ownership of their learning experience.


A narrative-driven experience that immerses readers in a world of storytelling, fueling curiosity and inspiring creative and imaginative ways to use their developing literacy skills.


An integrated magazine for the intrepid reader, filled with high-interest topics from around the world; perfect for nurturing a love of reading and learning.

My Words

No matter where the words come from, students can be actively involved in creating their own lists while using the LiteracyPlanet activities to improve their spelling and vocabulary.