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Why choose us?

It's fun

Gamified literacy exercises to keep them engaged.

Tested & proven

Improvements of 12% can be seen with just 1/2 an hour a week.

Built-in rewards

Rewards boost confidence when they get it right.

Learn anywhere

Access from laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

What will your child learn?

Our interactive exercises are curriculum-aligned and used by hundreds of schools globally. They cover...

  • Phonics
  • Sight Words
  • Spelling and Vocabulary
  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Reading Fluency

What other parents are saying about

K. Shierlaw
He wants to achieve more

"The program has totally engaged my son. The rewards built into the program keep him motivated and wanting to achieve more. Since he started using LiteracyPlanet we have noticed his vocabulary has increased and his spelling has improved."

S. White
It has increased my dyslexic child's confidence & ability

"The program is fun and engaging - both my children ask to log on to LiteracyPlanet every day. My 9-year-old's spelling has improved tremendously, and it has increased my dyslexic 7-year-old's confidence and reading ability far beyond that produced by any of the other early interventions in which she's participated."

K. Shierlaw
He begs us to stay up so he can do more reading

"My child is so enthusiastic about this program. We have spent money on a lot of other programs but he will use them for a little while and then loses interest. Now he begs us to stay up an extra hour at night so he can do more reading and word finds on LiteracyPlanet."

Who can use it and how?

Our program is perfect for...

  • Homework and revision
  • Improving reading and writing skills
  • Moving your child ahead in their learning
  • Kids with learning difficulties
  • Learning in a fun way, from home
  • Switching out screen-based games with educational activities
  • Prep/K to Year 10

Pricing from as little as $12 a month*

Whether you're looking to teach one or many, our pricing plans evolve only depending on how many logins you need.

If you're looking to set yourself up for long term learning, there's a bonus 20% discount on all yearly plans.

And remember, at LiteracyPlanet, we want you to see growth. If at any point you're not happy, you can cancel anytime - no questions asked.

*$12USD. Conversions correct as of 08/20. All currencies are confirmed at checkout.
1 Student
$ 12.00/mth
  • Access to all curriculum aligned activities
  • Access to a gamified and engaging platform
  • Access to a student reporting suite to track progress
  • Cancel anytime

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