Login and Administration Updates

LiteracyPlanet has made the login and administration process easier than ever before, with single page login. Where there was previously separate login pages for students, teachers, administrators and parents, these have been combined so all users now login using the same form. The application then recognises the type of user that you are and gives you appropriate access.

Where administrator teachers used to have to login separately for teacher and administration access, teachers can now get to the administration section without having to log in again.

In addition, a school can now have more than one administrator, with existing administrators able to give rights to other teachers as they require.

Teacher FAQ

How do I access the Administration section?

If you are an administrator, just login with your existing user and click the Administration tab on the top right of your browser page.

How do I give administrative rights to other teachers?

In the administration section go to Users → Manage Teachers
You will be able to view all existing teachers with administrative right and edit a teacher to give them administrative rights.

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