Did you know that LiteracyPlanet can be used by older students as well? For those kids, typically between the ages of 12 and 15, LiteracyPlanet is a stockpile of activities that can elevate their learning journey in a fun and engaging way (even if they like to think they’re too cool for school sometimes).

Here’s how older students can use LP:

1. Vocabulary Voyage: Secondary students are on a quest to expand their vocabulary! LiteracyPlanet provides the ideal vessel, allowing them to explore synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and a cornucopia of words. The more words they collect, the better they can express themselves with precision.

2. Grammar Grandeur: Now, we get it—grammar isn’t the most exciting topic, but it’s the bedrock of confident communication. LiteracyPlanet’s grammar exercises cover everything, from the basics to more advanced nuances. Mastering grammar now equips older students with the skills to be articulate communicators.

3. Writing Wizardry: Crafting essays, spinning creative stories, and articulating thoughts clearly are essential skills. LiteracyPlanet works its magic, helping students enhance sentence construction, paragraph organisation, and overall writing style. With practice, they’ll witness significant improvements.

Older students can benefit from using LiteracyPlanet as well!

4. Expanding Horizons: Learning isn’t confined to school subjects alone. LiteracyPlanet opens the door to a world of knowledge through news articles and educational blogs. Older students can dive into areas they’re passionate about or embark on journeys into entirely new subjects. Learning simply for the love of it can be a thrilling adventure.

5. Paced for You: Life is a whirlwind for older students. LiteracyPlanet recognises this and offers self-paced learning. It means they can study when it suits them best, be it during a quick break between activities or a longer study session.

6. Tracking Triumphs: Seeing how far you’ve come is a potent motivator. LiteracyPlanet provides detailed progress reports, so older students can track their triumphs. They can celebrate their successes and spot areas that might need a bit more attention.

Building a foundation for the future

In the earlier teenage years, building robust literacy skills is essential. LiteracyPlanet offers a versatile platform for older students to set sail on a voyage to expand their vocabulary, master grammar, enhance their writing, explore new horizons, and learn at their own pace.

By tracking their progress and engaging with a supportive community, older students are on the fast track to becoming more articulate and well-informed individuals. With LiteracyPlanet, learning turns into an exciting adventure customised to their unique needs.

So, why wait? Get started for free today!