It’s been the talk around the virtual water cooler at LiteracyPlanet, but we’re finally able to announce the introduction of Intrepizine to the LiteracyPlanet community.

This is a completely new feature available for students of all reading levels.

Intrepizine is a collection of engaging and stimulating articles that you can access right from your dashboard. On offer is a huge choice of fresh, topical articles of interest written specifically for each age group or reading level.

We’ll be adding new articles on a weekly basis, for variety and currency. Be sure to encourage your readers to check back regularly for the new content.


Intrepizine’s educational benefits

We’re so proud of this feature because Intrepizine promotes reading comprehension and fluency, as well as vocabulary development.

These high-interest articles are tiered to assist students to develop their reading ability over time:

  • Beginner (Green)
  • Intermediate (Orange)
  • Advanced (Blue)

Not to mention, the compelling articles will foster a love of reading that will set students up for life.

So, check out Intrepizine today!


Technical notes
If you use LiteracyPlanet on a tablet via our app, you will need to update the LiteracyPlanet app on your device to be able to access this new feature.