The world’s leading online English literacy program has officially launched in the USA.

LiteracyPlanet, an award-winning online English literacy (language arts) education program, has officially launched in the United States of America.

After positive feedback from early pilot programs, LiteracyPlanet is opening an office in Chicago, for implementation in schools across the US.

LiteracyPlanet is dedicated to improving language arts learning outcomes in students by providing personalized content that covers key literacy areas for elementary, middle and high school, including reading, spelling, grammar, punctuation and writing.

Students around the world enjoy LiteracyPlanet’s fun, game-based themes, while teachers appreciate how easy it is to assign exercises and generate valuable data.

LiteracyPlanet gives teachers the ability to monitor student progress every step of the way. These real time insights provide early intervention opportunities to help students who are working ahead of their class, or in need of additional support.

Schools in 55 countries are already using LiteracyPlanet to improve literacy learning outcomes and the program is currently aligned to 65 curriculums worldwide.

Students in the US will have access to a version of LiteracyPlanet that has been enhanced and optimized for US schools, with thousands of exercises that have been aligned to the US Curriculum, including National and State Standards.

Adam McArthur, CEO and Managing Director for LiteracyPlanet, said, “We have researched the US market for the last two years and after making a series of product upgrades and alignments we are now ready to build on our success in the UK, Middle East, Asia and Australia through our office in Chicago. Initial feedback has been very positive and gives us great confidence that our comprehensive program will have great success here as well.”

Heading up LiteracyPlanet’s US operations will be Ashley O’Connor who will step into the role of US Commercial Director. Ashley brings a wealth of experience in the e-learning industry, and is looking forward to sharing the benefits of LiteracyPlanet with US schools.

Ashley O’Connor said, “When I first saw LiteracyPlanet, I was impressed with the depth of the program and how easy it was to implement. I liked how it could replace multiple programs within schools and its flexibility to be used for both instructional and supplementary uses. I am looking forward to introducing LiteracyPlanet to schools across the USA”

About LiteracyPlanet

LiteracyPlanet is the most fun, comprehensive and effective literacy program for schools that helps build students’ abilities in word recognition, spelling and vocabulary. This global online resource consists of thousands of game-based exercises developed to give students a new way of learning literacy stills.

Aligned to 65 curriculums globally including IB, US, UK (including Cambridge), Australian and others, LiteracyPlanet is used for both native speaking as well as ELL students around the world.