We have released 3 new upgrades to make LiteracyPlanet more fun and flexible!

My Avatar
With LiteracyPlanet’s avatars students can personalise their profile and express their personality. The new ‘My Avatar’ is even more fun and interactive:
  1. Avatars can try everything on – to see what looks best of course – before choosing what to keep.
  2. Students can create a surprise look for their avatar, using a new randomise button that styles an outfit from the existing wardrobe.
  3. Available on tablet as well as desktop.
Students will want to complete more exercises to earn avatar credits!

Arcade update

When students enter the “Arcade” area now it has a whole new look and feel making it easier for students to play these fun games, or play against their friends in Word Mania or Donkey Dash.

Avatars out and about!

Along with upgrading our avatar customisation area, students also told us they wanted to make it easier to see their friends’ avatars. Now when a student logs in, the avatars from their classmates will appear in the background. Student can click on these to see who they are, then give a “high five” or go back to the My Avatar area to upgrade their outfit.