We’ve added over 300 new grammar and punctuation exercises to our already jam-packed tablet app! And what’s more, we’ve made them fun, interactive and gamified, because we know all kids learn better when they’re engaged.

Previously only available on web, the new exercises are curriculum-aligned for Years 2 and up and can be accessed via tablet both in the classroom and at home – in fact anywhere kids have access to the Internet!

In addition, the exercises come with some awesome new mini-lessons that explain the concepts behind grammar and punctuation. These new updates are consistent with our existing content and are presented in the usual colourful and exciting format that makes LiteracyPlanet one of Australia’s most popular and successful educational software programs.

Teachers can assign the new grammar and punctuation exercises by selecting Teaching ­> Quick Assign via the Teaching Tab and of course kids have the ability to self-select exercises too!  Additionally, all exercises previously completed online will carry across to the tablet – meaning no loss of existing scores or Gold Trophies!

We’ve automatically uploaded the new exercises and mini-lessons to the app. You will need to update the app on your school tablets and if necessary ask your IT staff to provision this update for you.