Collége Champittet currently uses LiteracyPlanet across its beginner, intermediate and advanced groups in grades 4, 5 and 6.With students from a variety of language backgrounds with different levels of English skills, teachers make full use of one of the programme’s greatest benefits, which is the flexibility to adapt it for different abilities within the same age group.

Nathalie says: “The children can all work at their own pace, and they have a choice of time and place too. The teacher can choose an individual path for each student.”

“I have a class with four advanced English speakers, six intermediate ESL students and three beginner ESL students. The difference in needs makes it difficult to teach the class as a whole. LiteracyPlanet has really helped me make sure every child gets what they need.”Students enjoy being able to advance at their own pace, and teachers enjoy being able to keep all the students busy at the same time in a useful way, which frees them up to spend time with those who need it individually.

One of the most popular content areas is spelling, where teachers and students upload their own lists into the programme to create custom spelling games.“When the bell rings for recess, students often do not want to go outside. They prefer practicing their words with the spelling games,” Nathalie said.

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