Qatar International School (QIS) is an English-speaking private day school in Doha, which has grown from humble beginnings into one of the country’s largest, most successful schools. It has 1,900 pupils, from over 50 different nationalities.

Qatar International School (QIS) subscribed to the LiteracyPlanet program through a belief that students should be exposed to learning in a variety of ways, and an understanding of the importance of multi-modal learning when it comes to student engagement. QIS encourages students to use digital resources on a regular basis, and LiteracyPlanet’s programs fit in well with this direction.

Teachers have also been able to use LiteracyPlanet’s resources to generate quick and easy data for students, which have been used as a handy tool when it comes to planning and intervention for underperforming pupils.QIS is using LiteracyPlanet weekly for Stage 3 students. During these lessons, teachers preassign LiteracyPlanet tasks for students to complete, which complement topics covered in their course work. Teachers then focus on activities identified as areas of weakness from data.

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