Whether you want to keep up with important industry news or simply need a bit of inspiration for a lesson plan, there’s no shortage of informative teacher blogs out there.

So you don’t waste your time trawling the murky waters of the internet, we’ve created a shortlist containing six informative blogs every teacher should follow.

Check them out here:

1. TeachThought

Relatively new to the scene, TeachThought is the brainchild of Terry Heick, an author and former classroom teacher who is interested in rethinking the ways we think about K-12 teaching and learning. Heick and the team post regularly and have a range of interesting articles including this one about teaching students to think critically about news.

2. Cult of Pedagogy

Don’t be put off by the name! Jennifer Gonzalez has created a community of talented, passionate and dedicated teachers who have put together a range of content designed to help teachers polish their craft. This recent article discussing research-based teaching strategies is particularly informative.

3. John Spencer Different by Design

If you want to give your eyes a break from reading full articles, Different by Design might be a good blog to check out. John Spencer is a former middle school teacher who’s created a catalogue of useful podcasts and animated videos. This recent article about the concepts of a Genius Hour caught our attention.

4. The Principal of Change

Leadership consultant George Couros focuses on the bigger issues of education in The Principal of Change blog, focusing on broad topics rather that quick tutorials. The result is quite an interesting series of posts, including this recent one about the importance of kindness in education.

5. The Curriculum Corner

Jill McEldowney and Cathy Henry have a passion for helping other teachers, and have set The Curriculum Corner up to provide fellow teachers with a range of creative, meaningful resource that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Check out some of their useful resources here.

6. The LiteracyPlanet blog

And of course we couldn’t miss the opportunity to give our own blog a plug! The LiteracyPlanet blog is the best place to check out what the team has been up to, important product updates and to see some of the things we’ve been working on.