At LiteracyPlanet we’re proud to have a product that offers a world of opportunities for schools and homes where students are learning English as a second language.

In schools where few teachers and/or students speak, read and write fluently in English, LiteracyPlanet can be a great help in the acquisition of English.

Many teachers for whom English is a second language will benefit from using their own Student Mode (or as themselves set up as a student) every day. They will find using and listening to the voiceover will give them increasing confidence.

However, you should not limit the learners their own access to the program. If they voluntarily do extra work, it shows that they are both enjoying and benefiting from the program.

We often receive questions about best practice teaching methods for this. So to save you a bit of time we decided to field five of the most frequently asked ones.

1. How often should you use LiteracyPlanet?

It all depends on the feedback you are getting from your group(s). Normally, we would recommend once or twice a week in class, plus an extra exercise assigned as part of their homework.

2. Where can I get more help from LiteracyPlanet?

In your LiteracyPlanet teacher account, go to the button HELP. There, you will be able to search for whatever you are looking for.  If you need personal guidance, go to HELP and click on ‘Videos and Webinars’ to contact LiteracyPlanet directly.

3. Can the program be used with adults?

Yes, it certainly can. However, it should be used with discretion!

Professionals looking for a fast-track introduction to English would be better served by a program more adult in content. If they can learn alongside their children, the sense of understanding is accelerated.

4. How long should the Diagnostics program be used?

There is no reason why the Diagnostic testing should not be continued all the time the learner is self-motivated and obviously benefiting from its exercises.

In the Spelling exercises, for example, the later levels are challenging even for educated adults. However, Phonics should be used only until the learner reaches around 3rd grade levels in literacy.

5. Can Diagnostics in Phonics be used in conjunction with other Phonics programs?

Using more than one method can cause confusion.

Our recommendation is not to try to mix methods with the same group of learners.

For more information about how LiteracyPlanet can help your students master English literacy, click here.