One of the great things about working for LiteracyPlanet is seeing so many schools around the world engage with our program.

Some schools use it for remedial work, others as a platform to challenge high achievers. And there’s also the schools that are using it as an ESL resource.

We’re proud to say we’re currently being used by over a million students in more than 70 countries, with more coming on board every day.

We’ve recently launched in our first school in Pakistan, and some of the early feedback we’ve received is very encouraging.

Badri High School, located in North Nazimabad Town in Karachi City, implemented LiteracyPlanet this year and has already seen incredible results.

“LiteracyPlanet comes equipped with a benefit of thousands of comprehensive and grammatical exercises/games for learners to take advantage from,” the school stated.

“The environment of the application is highly engaging as it is illustrated and colourful. The exercises provided by the application are curriculum aligned (exclusive of Pakistan National Curriculum) and are suitable for learners of all abilities and intelligences (ref. to Howard Gardner`s theory of Multiple Intelligences).”

Badri High School is focused on developing skills like communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. LiteracyPlanet is being implemented as a core element of this strategy, and will continue to be so moving forward.

“Amidst the excitement, it was an eye freshener to see the high-maintenance of discipline amongst the students while working in the Digital room, the development of ownership skills, the level of their confidence, the involvement to score better in four skills of language learning in order to win the credits, assimilated in promoting 21st century learning that is solely focused on active teaching approaches,” the school added.

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