School Case Studies

Read how these schools use LiteracyPlanet to improve learning outcomes.


Oakridge International School

Perfect for all kinds of learners

“It’s really nice and useful. The website is very attractive along with fun-filled activities. Learners enjoy interacting with LiteracyPlanet.”

- Ms Indrani, Grade II Teacher

Edward Worlledge

Edward Worlledge Ormiston Academy

Making learning English skills fun

"LiteracyPlanet has all the aspects we need. We like the wide range of tasks and the fact that teachers can allocate tasks in groups or individually based on need. The game approach means pupils learn without realising."

- Michala Warner, Assistant Principal


MFC Players

English Premier League Academies

Engaging active and competitive learners

"LiteracyPlanet has opened up a whole new way of learning for our young players. Learning that is fun, competitive and challenging is something all the boys want to engage with."

- Barry Dawson, Head of Education & Welfare, Middlesbrough Academy



Maverley Primary & Junior High School

Helping students in Jamaica develop strong English skills

"LiteracyPlanet captivates students' attention. It's a way for students to develop their literacy skills while also having fun...I especially like being able to input our own spelling lists, and the vocabulary lists that are available for all grade levels."

- Kerry Taffe, Head of Department for Reading


Victory Heights

Victory Heights Primary School

Ideal for differentiated learners in Dubai

"Literacy is one of the school’s key priorities. We looked at a number of different software packages, and felt that LiteracyPlanet has by far the most comprehensive offering to support our literacy objectives."

- Ben Rothwell, Head of Technology & Innovation


College Champittet

Collège Champittet

Developing students' English skills in Switzerland

"The children can all work at their own pace and the teacher can choose an individual path for each student. LiteracyPlanet has really helped me make sure every child gets what they need."

- Nathalie Balduck, English teacher and Head of EdTech Primary.


Enhancing the focus on English literacy

"Pupil Literacy outcomes have not only improved, children’s love for Literacy has been built, especially in the lower attaining pupils and our reluctant readers and writers. LiteracyPlanet has changed the way my learners see Literacy as a whole."

- Susan Atwal, Head of Primary

Hurstmere School

Improving outcomes for students of all abilities

"LiteracyPlanet works well as a literacy support provision, and through our deployment method we have seen some fantastic improvements with some of our key target student groups."

- Andy Reddy, Pupil Intervention manager/ SENCO