Formed in 2009, DPS STS School in Dhaka today is proudly one of the most respected and academically acclaimed schools in Bangladesh. Following the Cambridge International Curriculum, the school has students enrolled from Primary to Grade 12.

Despite the common practise of education in Bangladesh being a drills-based method, DPS STS School stands proud with its self-learning approach, motivating students to become independent learners. Digital resources are used across the school, with professional development for teachers focussing on e-learning best practise.

Aligning with this philosophy, the school’s adoption of e-learning techniques and resources leads the way in this country. “Our mission is to provide the best resources to our students,” says English Teacher Nusrat Jahan. “And LiteracyPlanet is certainly one of those.”

Curriculum alignment is a vital aspect of DPS STS School’s partnership with LiteracyPlanet. The teachers recognise the value of a platform that, with little interaction from the teacher, allows students to be immersed in a meaningful and personalised experience.

“The differentiated questioning techniques in the programme are making our students really think and engage.”

More than 250 students in Grades 7, 9 and 10 are currently using LiteracyPlanet to improve their literacy outcomes.

While sometimes used as formative assessments in the classroom with a whole-class contribution, LiteracyPlanet is primarily used here for student-directed learning both in class and as homework.

LiteracyPlanet is assisting students to enhance their thinking and writing skills. Students have become more active in learning and are engaged to learn more, beyond the classroom or day’s lesson. The fun and playful aspects of LiteracyPlanet is credited as the key to this engagement and inspiration to become lifelong learners.

DPS STS School Dhaka Case Study

The teachers also remark on how quickly—and with less effort than with traditional methods—their students are moving into proficient levels of literacy learning when using LiteracyPlanet. And marking is a breeze.

In addition to their students’ progress and enjoyment, teachers at DPS STS School appreciate that LiteracyPlanet gives immediate and automatic feedback on student progress and achievement. “The certificates we can issue are a lovely touch, too!”

Being able to manually adjust an individual’s learning level is the differentiated learning experience they have been looking for, now being able to deliver personalised learning according to their capability.

From a student’s perspective, all the great features that were built for students are what keep these children logging in. Having personal avatars, rewards elements and of course, the gaming element are highlights for these students. There is healthy competition among the cohort, pushing one another to strive for more.

Most importantly, since introducing LiteracyPlanet to the school, literacy learning outcomes have improved. There has been notable improvement across grammar, vocabulary and reading. These teachers believe the practise and test method applied in the programme aids this tremendously. Doing it in gamified format means their attention and interest is held for much longer!

From the educators using LiteracyPlanet in their classrooms at DPS STS School:

“There is now a culture in my classroom of sharing great scores in LiteracyPlanet with classmates. They are over the moon when they get 100%!”

“When it came to learning grammar, a reluctant student often complained about how boring lessons were and that it was all just ‘rules, rules, rules’. After being introduced to LiteracyPlanet’s grammar missions, this student now looks forward to these classes and is showing eagerness to learn concepts so they can achieve higher scores in the test.”

“Some of my students share their gem collecting stories with their classmates, which motivates the other students to collect more gems as well. Unknowingly, in doing this, they are leading themselves to proficiency level!”

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