Al Rowad International Schools LiteracyPlanet Case StudyAl Rowad International Schools in Saudi Arabia’s bustling Riyadh is an International School with an Islamic focus and offers both British and American curricula.

The teachers at AIS have a dedicated approach to e-learning and digital education resources, with a focus on sourcing and implementing the latest technology that will assist them in delivering the best learning experience.

Aligning with this focus, Al Rowad International Schools chose to implement LiteracyPlanet across their English language teaching to enhance the provision of their online literacy resource. The intended use was to support and extend learners. The teachers involved in testing and choosing the product were impressed with the program’s high-quality content and the immediate impact it had on improving students’ literacy skills and knowledge.

LiteracyPlanet’s breadth and depth are illustrated at Al Rowad International Schools where 3,500 students from KG to Grade 10 use the program to learn and improve their literacy skills.

Al Rowad International Schools LP Case Study8

There is also a strong focus at AIS on involving parents in their children’s education. LiteracyPlanet provides an ideal platform to achieve this as teachers are able to seamlessly assign and manage both individual and group work to their students as out-of-class and homework activities. This serves to solidify in-class lessons, as well as encourage parental engagement in their child’s literacy development.

The improvement in literacy learning outcomes is clear at Al Rowad International Schools. The educators love the immediate feedback that LiteracyPlanet gives them, with the data from completed missions proving very useful in both intervention and acceleration responses. In clearly illustrating the performance of each individual, the platform ensures each child can progress at the speed at which is best for them.

And not to forget the students in this! The reports back from these children are all very positive too. They are excited by having access to fun resources that are tailored to their needs. The gamified nature of it brings about a sense of personal satisfaction for improving one’s score and knowledge that they are building their English literacy skills. The interaction they get with LiteracyPlanet keeps them engaged and asking to log back in.


Al Rowad International Schools LP Case Study9

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