Aqeeq International School has built a culture of best practice education, fun and engaging learning, and friendly competition. This award-winning school has many academic competition champion titles to its name and credits LiteracyPlanet with being one of the key contributors to its success.

LiteracyPlanet’s worldwide Word Mania competition for schools introduced the teachers and students at Aqeeq International School to the LiteracyPlanet platform. And they haven’t looked back since!

As part of a multi-school corporation, Aqeeq International School applies international standards to its teaching to provide the highest of educational excellence. Based in Saudi Arabia’s Medina, the school proudly acquires the best national and international opportunities for its students and so when Word Mania was so successful at the school, educators decided to implement the LiteracyPlanet program in its English teaching.

The school’s many modern laboratories and classroom smartboards make using LiteracyPlanet an easy task at Aqeeq International School. Digital learning is embedded in the teaching approach, offering students at all levels the chance to build their practical technological skills and knowledge for future application.

1,300 students from KG 1 to Grade 10 now benefit from LiteracyPlanet access. The program is used by these students in a range of ways: in class, for groupwork, as homework and in in-school competitions to improve vocabulary and spelling, preparing them for future competitions.

Thursdays are for LiteracyPlanet competitions among classmates. Many of the students enjoy challenging one another to get the highest LiteracyPlanet score so as to win a certificate. Friends who are often in each other’s pockets are also rivals and competitors, and they love it!

The main objective of LiteracyPlanet, of course, is to improve students’ literacy learning outcomes. And for the students at Aqeeq International School, this has certainly been the case. Most noticeable is the improvement in their vocabulary and reading skills. The educators put it down to the program being fun to use. It has developed them to be deeper thinkers; questioning and challenging concepts and discussion points, and further diving into lessons to learn even more.

From an educator’s perspective, the teachers at Aqeeq International School appreciate the comprehensiveness of the LiteracyPlanet tool. The way it incorporates all the key strands of literacy and allows for differentiated approaches to learning has made a significant difference in the learning outcomes for their students.

LiteracyPlanet is one learning resource that the students at Aqeeq International School ask teachers to use. At this school, they especially enjoy the comprehension and grammar missions but have a special affinity for Intrepizine and the variety of articles they can read and learn about. They also love spelling activities for the fun aspect, while seeing their results improve.

Thanks to the student success in the Word Mania competition, the school considers LiteracyPlanet to be one of the best international education platforms for students to improve their learning outcomes.

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