LiteracyPlanet and Vinschool Golden River case studyHow does a school striving to enable its students to become 21st century learners offer opportunities for growth? They invest in the right tools and resources of course.

Aligning with the school’s undertaking to instil values of integrity, creativity and proactiveness, 30 Grade 1 and Grade 3 students at Vinschool Golden River have been lucky enough to be given access to LiteracyPlanet to maximise their literacy learning outcomes.

With a strong focus on global perspectives, educators at Vinschool Golden River are constantly on the lookout for digital resources that will support development and e-learning strategies.

When educators at Vinschool Golden River identified the need to better support English literacy learners as both first and second language speakers, they found LiteracyPlanet exceeded their needs. Providing a platform for teaching in the classroom and also at home, LiteracyPlanet is a tool that can be seamlessly applied to delivering lesson plans, whether students are remotely online, or in person at school.

As with all tools that the school implements, efficacy is a primary interest in determining ongoing use. The students’ literacy learning outcomes are improving across the literacy strands, with a significant improvement in vocabulary, as LiteracyPlanet has opened up their awareness of new concepts and words that are vital to their progress.

The Vinschool Golden River teachers of the students using LiteracyPlanet have shared how much they love the ‘custom word list’ tool, as well as how fun and interactive the activities are for their students. Gamifed content across spelling, grammar, phonics and sight words are especially popular. “This really is learning made fun” shared Primary Educator Teah Comninos.

And as for the most important audience? Vinschool Golden River’s Grade 1 and Grade 3 students continue to rave about the gems they collect and how they are faring on the leaderboard. There is a fun element that LiteracyPlanet provides that gets them excited about learning, and a little healthy competition!

We love how Ms Comninos wraps up by adding, “What is beautiful to see is the sense of achievement and pride the students show all over their faces as they race to share with me their latest accomplishments.”

We’re looking forward to seeing how far these awesome students can take their literacy learning adventures!


Download the Vinschool Golden River case study here.