Beaconhouse al khaleej case studySending your child to Beaconhouse Al Khaleej International School (BAKIS) will place them in an environment that is focused on building happy human beings and special students. The school achieves this by delivering world-leading learning experiences across all aspects of the child’s education.

A member of the multinational Beaconhouse Group, BAKIS is one of 729 schools in the group, supporting the education of over 300,000 students in eight countries.

A 21st Century solution for a 21st Century school

Beaconhouse al khaleej 4 case studyThe school uses technology across all facets of the educational experience, including working with students online, sharing resources and work assignments digitally, and employing online-based resources to teach aspects of the curriculum.

With a view to providing modern teaching methods and a commitment to finding every child’s strengths, the BAKIS teaching approach fits well with LiteracyPlanet.

500 students from KG to Grade 8 are currently using LiteracyPlanet to improve their literacy skills. Having trialled a few different platforms, and receiving a referral to LiteracyPlanet, BAKIS teachers made the decision to implement LiteracyPlanet for its challenging reading platform and ability to meet the needs of students from a diverse range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Today, LiteracyPlanet is woven into many of the students’ English studies as, depending on their grade level, they use the program for student-directed learning in the classroom, as individuals and groups outside of the classroom setting, and also assigned as homework.

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Happy students, even happier teachers

Beaconhouse al khaleej 2 case studySince integrating LiteracyPlanet into the school’s teaching, there have been noticeable increases in student literacy accuracy, which is a strong focus for the English teachers at BAKIS.

Teachers credit this improvement to the amount of enjoyment and fun the students are having while using the platform. They can clearly see it was the right choice for both students and the teachers.

These educators are getting so much enjoyment out of seeing the students’ progress, and how it drives them to want to learn more, and progress further. The spirit of competition in class and with other schools is also alive at BAKIS, which enriches the experience.

Beyond this motivation, teachers at BAKIS often allow the program to automatically assign missions according to the student’s academic needs. They do this knowing the content is curriculum-aligned and that the program will allow for the need to reattempt tasks where required. It saves a great deal of time in assigning tasks, chasing students and marking. It gives them back time to provide the personalised teaching they strive to deliver.

When you ask the students what they love best about LiteracyPlanet, it’s difficult for them to go past the rewards element. This is integral to their joy and progression and is certainly the motivation to keep going and learning. Word Mania is also a highlight of their school calendar, as they get to compete against their classmates, and for bragging rights over their competitor schools.

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