At Ajman Academy, every child is encouraged to be the best they can be. The school provides an international, premium quality, holistic education ensuring that each student’s individuality and talents are recognised and developed to the full. And to deliver the personalised experience, the school seeks the best resources and support.

That’s where LiteracyPlanet and Ajman Academy have joined forces.

Technology is integrated into almost everything the school does, with a curriculum that allows technology to enhance student learning. This includes now offering 800 students from Pre-K to Grade 5 access to the LiteracyPlanet platform, with a focus on improving English literacy outcomes across the school.

Ajman Academy has developed a three-year strategic plan with a major focus on literacy and improving students’ skills in this area of study. After one of the teaching staff had used LiteracyPlanet in a previous school and had seen its positive impact on raising literacy standards, they recommended Ajman Academy trial it too.

Having now implemented LiteracyPlanet across many of the year levels, the school is celebrating some impressive results. LiteracyPlanet has improved students’ comprehension skills and it has played a significant role in consolidating phonics work in the earlier year levels.

LiteracyPlanet is embedded in English lessons in and out of the classroom at Ajman Academy. It is an ideal resource for student-directed learning and as teacher supplements for certain students. It is also a popular homework assignment.

The three main literacy areas that the program has improved are comprehension, grammar, and spelling. Ajman Academy teachers identify the grammar activities as especially helpful in supplementing their teaching, while the reading comprehension content within LiteracyPlanet has built reading stamina across the school.

When asked what the educators love most about LiteracyPlanet, the first answer is, “All of it!”. Teachers love how easy LiteracyPlanet is to use and to assign differentiated missions according to the individual needs of their students. The ease of tracking progress is also a highlight. While the ever-popular Custom Spelling Tool that allows teachers to create their own weekly spelling lists and translate them into interactive exercises for students to practice is a clear winner.

And when it comes to the real users of the platform? Ajman Academy students, like most students, are motivated by the reward and engagement aspects of LiteracyPlanet. Instant feedback that helps them improve their scores, collecting gems and the gamified environment in which LiteracyPlanet is set, are all contributing factors. The digital nature of learning via a tablet elevates the experience further.

It’s so wonderful to see that student learning outcomes are the clear winner here at Ajman Academy.

Download the Ajman Academy case study here.