At St. Hilary’s they recognise that their learners come into a world in which digital technology is abundant and students were adept at using it. The school wanted to take advantage of this fact and bring in a program that would allow students to use their technological skills and interest to improve their literary ability through interactive and fun digital exercises.

St Hilary’s uses LiteracyPlanet to improve literacy outcomes by assigning the pupils missions on spelling, grammar, reading comprehension and phonics. Students complete these tasks both in-class – working individually or in groups of students – and at home. The program allows them to work independently because they are able to answer questions and then review answers instantly to check their understanding.

The majority of children in St. Hilary’s Primary School are increasingly adept at using technology, to present, communicate, create and share their learning.
The ultimate goal is to ensure children are presented with a wide range of opportunities and experiences to ensure they can successfully utilise their digital skills and knowledge in a variety of contexts. LiteracyPlanet gives students this opportunity.

Overall, St Hilary’s have been able to utilise the digital and gamified nature of LiteracyPlanet to further improve their already strong e-learning strategy. This strategy has lead to more engaged learners, which in turn has improved learning outcomes at the school. Students and teachers alike are loving using LiteracyPlanet!

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