Prior to LiteracyPlanet, GEMS were struggling to create engaging lessons purely with a literacy focus. With the introduction of LiteracyPlanet, they were able to engage students across KS3 with fun and creative tasks that also develop their literacy skills.

At GEMS, teachers have responded extremely well to the program. Not only do they easily track performance of students, but LiteracyPlanet is a tool that students genuinely enjoy using. They rush to the classroom in excitement to use it. Planning is minimal and the ability to share bundles between teachers means consistency and collaboration is evident across the department. Marking is also a thing of the past, saving teachers incalculable time!

The feedback from students about LiteracyPlanet is overwhelmingly positive. Students challenge each other, and see in real time as their scores improve on tasks. Generally, they like to perfect a task before they move on, meaning they are getting lots of practice at each skill and can implement this into their written work.

GEMS Founders School have found LiteracyPlanet user friendly and allows for independent learning in and outside of the classroom. The format that is used also easily engages students and encourages them to take responsibility over their own learning.





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