Salahaldin International School was one of the first international schools in Egypt with over 1,400 students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The school embraces its multicultural nature with students from 26 different nationalities. The school follows United States’ education system and uses English as its primary language. As a school that values online education and uses English as it’s primary teaching language, LiteracyPlanet was the online resource that ticked all the boxes.

The teachers at Salahaldin International School embraced online learning with their students. In particular, the sight words, spelling and grammar exercises which where highly popular with the younger students. Teachers are keen to learn more about the Teacher Dashboard with endless capabilities like curriculum alignment tools and analysing improvement reports.

The kids at Salahadin International School loved using LiteracyPlanet for all literacy strands. The fun mission-based activities allowed for fun classroom time whilst learning. Both teachers and parents saw how engaged students were when using LiteracyPlanet.

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