From first glance, Malvern College found that LiteracyPlanet appeared to provide a range of approaches to various parts of the English curriculum. The platform stood out to them as a great educational tool that due to its gamification and online content.

During the initial trial, Malvern College used the platform as a homework and reward platform. During this current rollout, the program has been integrated with the delivery of guided reading. More teachers are also using it to add supplementary tasks for the pupils.

LiteracyPlanet has helped some low-achieving students to raise their academic level with the use of spaced repetition within the program. Students were assigned missions on particular concepts and were reassigned the mission when a score of 85% or higher was not achieved.

The school has found that the ability to dive deeper and ascertain strengths, and weaknesses, makes the learning platform much more individualised for the learner. Spaced repetition means students learn, practice and test until they become proficient (85% or more).



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