We chose LiteracyPlanet when researching different platforms. LiteracyPlanet is actually the easiest to set up, is user friendly for teachers and students and is interactive for learners. LiteracyPlanet helped us move from face to face teaching very quickly and showed us you can have a lively interactive online space just like a classroom.

The interactive activities helped cultivate an interest in learning for the students and they loved the competitive element. The students saw immediate results rather than having to wait for the teacher to mark work and this for them was a real bonus. The school’s learning outcomes are based on the Cambridge curriculum so it was easy to tie these in with the activities. Teachers were able to assign tasks according to levels to support areas of need.

With schools closed for most of 2020 and the academic year beginning in the same way, the school has quickly adopted a broad approach to online learning. Previously, we offered a blended learning approach where lessons were supported by e-learning resources. LiteracyPlanet was the perfect e-learning solution during Covid.


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