The City School Karachi students“I am to learn” is the motto of Pakistan’s The City School, a private school network of 150,000 students across 150 schools in 48 cities nationwide. True to this belief that learning is limitless, The City School’s main purpose is to develop students into young people who enjoy learning.

It was therefore a natural fit to work with LiteracyPlanet. Now, The City School’s Karachi-based North Nazimabad Junior B School Grade 4 students love developing their literacy skills through the program, building on the school’s philosophy of striving to provide best practices in digital and e-learning resources.

Introduced to LiteracyPlanet by the program’s 30-day Intergalactic Challenge, The City School, North Nazimabad Junior B now uses LiteracyPlanet to enhance its e-learning practices. It’s a valuable tool in offering students the opportunity to develop English language proficiency. Students use the program in self-directed learning, both individually and in groups, often in online classes. Meanwhile, teachers enjoy how the program supplements other teaching methods face-to-face. It has also been assigned as homework for students to continue their learning outside the classroom.

From the start, LiteracyPlanet excelled in engaging The City School students who use the program. More importantly, through this engagement, the program has already shown its value as it has clearly enhanced students’ skills in the three key strands focussed on: spelling, grammar and comprehension. Teachers love that they can easily access individuals’ progress and apply appropriate intervention plans or assign new missions as required.

In addition to the ease of monitoring students individually, educators at The City School, North Nazimabad Junior B most appreciate the spelling missions within the program. As a major focus, spelling missions are used as both a formative assessment tool, as well as to save teachers time in preparing lessons and identifying individual skill levels.

A significant improvement in literacy skills is the result of these students regularly practising and completing LiteracyPlanet missions, and redoing missions in which they were less than proficient. Ultimately, the students who recently used LiteracyPlanet were high achievers in their end of year exams, earning excellent grades in English.

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