An individualised and purpose-built program that develops literacy skills is what RAK Academy’s British School, Al Rams was looking for when they met the LiteracyPlanet team.

Now, the Academy that follows the British school curriculum has 350 students from Years KG1 to G5 signed up to the program and they don’t hesitate to rate it 5 out of 5!

British School Al Rams hero

Laura Campbell, Literacy Coordinator and Grade 5 Class Teacher, told LiteracyPlanet that the need for high quality e-learning had become increasingly important for the school. Especially over the past year, where developing students’ engagement in digital learning is a priority.

Online learning is a key area of focus for development across the RAK Academy. To this end, online learning and blended learning approaches have been applied in all classes. LiteracyPlanet supports both teachers and students in this. The benefit of featuring digital resources in the learning process is that it engages students in a way teachers have not been able to do until now.

The British School, Al Rams has adopted LiteracyPlanet in a variety of ways to deliver leading literacy learning with an individualised approach. The program is used as a supplement in spelling activities, as well as for guided reading and phonics exercises. It is also a popular element of distance learning where students are given structured teacher-directed activities that both educators and children love.

Integrating LiteracyPlanet has supported classes at the British School, Al Rams through:

  • Phonics activities being used as an engaging resource
  • Allocating grammar, comprehension, spelling and phonics activities based on learning levels, reinforcing classroom learning
  • Comprehension activities aligning well with the Academy’s use of GL Assessments
  • Group teaching and intervention work, allowing for targeted support
  • Teachers tracking student progress and easily identifying areas of development


Students at the British School, Al Rams love LiteracyPlanet’s phonics games and grammar activities. Often difficult for teachers to make engaging, these missions generate excitement and fun competition. The avatars and rewards always rate well too. As for the teachers at the school, they love teaching phonics and comprehension through LiteracyPlanet. The ever-popular custom spelling list function is used often. Importantly, the program provides an easy platform to integrate online learners into the class.

The British School, Al Rams has seen great success in improving literacy learning outcomes across the cohort. It is often difficult to resource engaging and age-appropriate phonics content for older children. When several KS2 students started in the school with no English speaking skills or previous learning experiences in English, LiteracyPlanet was the perfect answer to this challenge. Phonics, and consequently, reading levels, have seen great improvement in all age groups.

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