british school of bahrain studentAs a result of the past year’s need for remote learning, the British School of Bahrain applies a blended approach to their teaching methods, with e-learning now at the centre of this. Over 500 students in Year 3 and Year 4 now benefit from access to the LiteracyPlanet programme, which is aligned with the National Curriculum.

Teachers at the school appreciate educational websites and online resources that allow them to consolidate the learning of a lesson. Even better, they save teachers precious time as students can self-mark their work. And the students are eager to use digital resources as they are interactive and fun and they love learning through play.

Until signing up with LiteracyPlanet, English online resources for these students were limited to online books. This was a great start, however, additional resources were required. After a three month trial of LiteracyPlanet, the school saw such great benefit in the programme that they signed up every Year 3 and Year 4 student.

The British School of Bahrain uses LiteracyPlanet in a variety of ways to maximise the learning outcomes of their students. In class, there is time for self-directed learning and at certain times, teachers will use the programme to support their teaching methods. At home, the BSB students also use LiteracyPlanet to continue their learning adventure.

The favourite aspect of LiteracyPlanet for the staff at British School of Bahrain? The custom spelling lists. This feature allows teachers to customise lists that align with current subjects and topics being explored in class and then share them with colleagues. The benefits of this include reinforcing learning outcomes and saving teachers a great deal of time in lesson preparation and marking.

The individualisation of the program is imperative. One example of the personalised approach LiteracyPlanet affords students is with a student at British School of Bahrain who had previously been in Year 1, then was placed in a Year 3 class the following year. LiteracyPlanet enabled this student to practise phonics and reading activities suited to their level and the student made great progress due to regular practise, unaware their missions were different to their peers’.

Pleasingly, students, while using the programme have continued to demonstrate improvements in grammar, reading skills such as deduction and inference, and spelling. The important data provided on each student’s progress is also beneficial to the teaching staff. Both students and teachers at the British School of Bahrain continue to love LiteracyPlanet.

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