The school’s approach to e-learning is holistic, innovative, inclusive and child-centred.

Greensprings School, in Lagos Nigeria, chose LiteracyPlanet as they were looking for a digital resource that could deliver results. They also needed it to be fun and engaging for the children.

At Greensprings School, LiteracyPlanet is used in class for both student-directed learning and as teaching supplements, as well as homework issued. They are able to use it for individual learning as well as within groups of students, inside and outside of class.


How the school uses LiteracyPlanet to improve literacy outcomes

The differentiated tools and reports help organise classes by ability level which then allows teachers to plan work accordingly. The two key areas where the tools really help with differentiation are:

  1. Locking students into years/grades. This allows teachers to lock students into lower or higher ability levels.
  2. Assigning work. Using the assigning tool to search for resources which may help target students who are falling behind.

The students love doing spelling exercises and the accumulating of points. They love the competitiveness of the program and scoring more gems for their Avatars.

How does LiteracyPlanet benefit the school?

The COVID-19 pandemic created the opportunity for the school to explore LiteracyPlanet. It became useful when it was evident they needed a standardised means for assessment. It was easy to use for teachers to record grades and keep close track of student progress.


Download the case study here.