Here are six tips to help your class get the best Word Mania score possible, so you’re in a chance of sharing in the prizes. Keep practising, and hopefully, your students will qualify for the Final Round!

1. Encourage your students to go for the easy words first

Longer, more complex words earn more points, but building multiple words will activate a score multiplier. So encourage your students to start by building as many small words as they can, as quickly as they can to increase the multiplier. Then if they spell the longer word, they’ll achieve a multiplied score.

2. And make sure they’re adding prefixes and suffixes to base words

Time is of the essence in a Word Mania game and the more words your students build the more points they’ll score. A great way to get some easy wins during the competition is adding prefixes or suffixes to base words. Once your students get in the habit of this their scores are sure to increase.

3. But make sure they’re spelling correctly

While there is a focus on speed, accuracy is just as important in a Word Mania game. If your student attempts to ‘mark’ an invalid word their score multiplier will reset to zero. This is the same for rude or inappropriate rules.

4. Watch our how-to videos

We’ve also provided a series of how-to videos to help explain the competition and give your students an edge during Word Mania. The videos give you a good rundown of what to expect from Word Mania so you can make sure your students are set up and ready to record a great score.

5. Get everyone involved

Word Mania is the biggest competition we run every year, so make sure everyone at your school is involved, excited and practising! We’ve provided some great resources you can access for free, including our Teacher Starter Kit and our brand-new Word Mania posters!

6. If you haven’t already, register!

And it’s not too late to register! There are big prizes to be won in this year’s Word Mania competition so make sure you sign your school up and get them playing for your chance to win.