Homeschool & tutoring centers are benefiting from our comprehensive, engaging program

LiteracyPlanet offers a solution that’s been proven to work for educators with various goals, including home schools and tutors.

LiteracyPlanet gives educators the opportunity to guide their student’s progress with the teacher guided mode or learn at their own pace while still covering important English literacy concepts in the student-guided mode. It can be used as a remedial measure to support students who have fallen behind their peers, or an advanced tool to challenge those who are moving ahead.

LiteracyPlanet is also a great way to introduce students to difficult English literacy concepts, rewarding their progress in an engaging, motivating way.

Brings out the best in every student

"Students outcomes have not only improved, a love for literacy has been built, especially in the lower achievers and reluctant readers and writers."

"We looked at a number of software packages, and felt LiteracyPlanet has by far the most comprehensive offering to support our literacy objectives."

"We like the wide range of tasks and the fact that teachers can allocate tasks in groups or individually based on need."

PricewaterhouseCoopers data shows with the just 70 exercises, students of all ages and abilities achieve an average 12% improvement. This is equivalent to having your students use LiteracyPlanet for just half an hour a week.


See how home schools and tutors are using the program

K. Shierlaw

"My son loves LiteracyPlanet – so much that when he gets home from school he no longer asks 'Mum, can I watch TV?' now he asks 'Mum, can I play LiteracyPlanet?'. The program has totally engaged him."

M. Jeffery

"My child is so enthusiastic about this program. We have spent money on a lot of other programs but he will use them for a little while and then loses interest. Now he begs us to stay up an extra hour at night so he can do more reading and word finds on LiteracyPlanet. We are very happy."

J. Tierney

"I am so thrilled about this program. Jack rushed home to do his homework. I cannot believe it. He has never been keen to do any learning work when he gets home. Clever program!"

LiteracyPlanet is an online education program dedicated to improving literacy learning outcomes for students in the USA. LiteracyPlanet has thousands of exercises suitable for Elementary, Middle and High Schools and is also useful for Tutors and Homeschools.