And that’s a wrap! Well, almost.

2021 has been a year for the record books in many parts of life, including at LiteracyPlanet. We had almost 7 million missions completed and over 46 million gems earned—just this year! There are some huge numbers here that show how LiteracyPlanet helped students and teachers in 2021. Thanks for being a part of it!

2021 wrap up - literacyplanet in numbers


LiteracyPlanet’s 2021 numbers

  • Countries with active users: 83
  • Missions completed: 6,942,976
  • Custom Words Lists created*: 242,362
  • Intrepizine articles read*: 75,961
  • Gems earned: 46,202,300
  • Most popular My Words Games played
    • Parachuting Penguins: 62,863
    • Parachuting Pirates: 55,316
    • Word Finder: 53,317
    • Feed Word Monster: 49,486
    • Snowshoe Shuffle: 49,437
    • Code Phrase: 47,053

* Introduced in July 2021


Top 5 Videos for 2021

Our videos continue to be popular with teachers and parents in learning more about the features of LiteracyPlanet. Have you watched our 2021 Top 5?

  1. Primary Student Tour 
  2. Teacher Tour 
  3. Custom Word Lists 
  4. Student Reporting 
  5. How to play Word Morph 


Most Popular Blogs of 2021

Keep up to date with not just the latest releases in LiteracyPlanet, but also topical articles about teaching and learning English literacy for primary and secondary students. Our most popular blogs of 2021 are:

  1. How physical activity affects school performance
  2. Winners announced in the 2021 Educator Wall of Fame
  3. Teaching literacy in all content areas
  4. Five ways to improve children’s reading skills
  5. How to maintain learning momentum during school holidays


We are filled with gratitude for the hundreds of thousands of customers who continue to trust us as a partner in their teaching and learning experience. Thank you for being at the centre of the LiteracyPlanet family.