LiteracyPlanet celebrated its 10th year in 2019, and over the past decade technology in education, including our program, has evolved at a fast pace. Devices are now in almost all school classrooms, and web-based resources are an integral part of most curricula.

It is a testament to our passionate team of educators and programmers that LiteracyPlanet has remained at the forefront of EdTech (Education Technology) for English literacy teaching, and is now used in schools in 100 countries. Last year more than 1 million students used LiteracyPlanet.

Change has been rapid and constant, and this year is set to be our biggest yet. From early 2020, LiteracyPlanet will roll out its biggest upgrade to date. One that will take the comprehensive, engaging and proven educational content that schools around the world love to a new level, and provide the latest functionality in EdTech to optimise learning outcomes; an adaptive platform.

Adaptive learning, also known as adaptive teaching, is a unique benefit offered by online educational programs and is the most technologically advanced way to personalise learning. Adaptive software captures data and uses learning analytics and computer algorithms to modify the delivery of content. An adaptive learning program is responsive to individual student performance and customises an experience tailored to suit the needs of each learner.

It sounds complex, but for teachers, it will be simple to use, make their job easier, and be more effective. Working closely with schools during program development has always been central to LiteracyPlanet. We are constantly taking feedback from teachers and adapting LiteracyPlanet to effectively support teachers. The program allows a 360-degree approach to learning English literacy, as students will work through a combination of English literacy strands, using this adaptive technology to improve their outcomes automatically. The enthusiasm and insights from teachers and their students are what propels us, and the program’s evolution is based firmly on their needs as schools keep pace with educational demands and an ever-changing technological environment.

From February we will be upgrading LiteracyPlanet’s program for students in the critical foundational years of Kindergarten to Year/Grade 4; content for phonics, sight words, reading, and spelling. Once this is completed we will upgrade the program for Year/Grade 5 and above; content for grammar, punctuation, comprehension, vocabulary and more advanced reading. By the second half of 2020, we anticipate that all schools using LiteracyPlanet will be enjoying an improved adaptive platform.

So, stay tuned. We look forward to sharing this exciting upgrade with our schools soon. If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Adam McArthur, LiteracyPlanet CEO